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[ISO 9001 Certification]

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Standard Operating Procedures ("SOPs") and protocols while complying with Chinese regulations, while owning, developing and executing our own clinical trial protocols. We plan to establish domestic and international joint ventures or partnerships to set up cell laboratories and/or research facilities, acquire technology or in-license technology from outside of China, and build affiliations with hospitals, to develop a commercialization path for our therapies, once approved. We intend to use our first-mover advantage in China, against a backdrop of enhanced regulation by the central government, to differentiate ourselves from the competition and establish a leading position in the China cell therapeutic market. We also intend to out-license our technologies to interested parties and are exploring the feasibility of a U.S. allogeneic KOA clinical study with the FDA. Stem Cells in Medicine Some background on stem cell research. Stems cells are able to develop into any number of different specialist tissue cells. The FDA have approved at least five hematopoietic stem-cell products in the U.S., for the treatment of blood and immunological diseases (Wiki) , and here's an example of a surgeon offering a bone marrow sourced stem cell therapy. Stemgenex has just launched a rheumatoid arthritis stem cell study, but there are other positive results: Lead author Dr. Thomas Vangsness of the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine's report on arthritis. Researchers at Duke University Health System who produced an early report on mice with TQM fractures.

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[ISO 9001]

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